Our factory is located in the Marche region, one of the main manufacturing districts in Italy. 
In particular, our headquarter is situated in Macerata: one of the main and most ancient towns, as well as the heart of the cultural life of the area.
This is why our work is filled with history, tradition, landscapes and much more!
We try to spread the identity of our territory and of our people, their character and values, their strength and passion. All of that fits inside each single bag!


Enjoy with a lot of places where to take a nice trip! In our region in the centre of Italy, you can find a lot of places to go just near our factory!
From the ancient Sferisterio in the historical centre of Macerata, to the beautiful sea of Monte Conero; from the important Dome of Loreto, to the famous Leopardi's house in Recanati; from the lake of Fiastra, to the Frassassi caves; from the historical villages around the factory to the majestic Valadier temple!  All this beautiful and different landscapes in a unique region, full of good wine and typical food to fall in love with!