Pelletteria Ariston is an Italian leather goods company since 1970.
Today, the company is at the second generation of the family ownership and management, and it successfully operates in the leather goods market worldwide, with its brand– Giulia Ricchini – and with the first family brand -Zamponi- since 1975.
The brands are specialized in the production of women luxury bags in premium leather, and it proudly boasts the 100% Made in Italy certificate
Our bags are created with the purpose to be perfectly matched with elegant shoes and jewelry.
The mission is to increase the value and the beauty of the elegant woman's total outfit.

Our production plant is located in the Marche region, one of the main manufacturing districts in Italy.
In particular, our headquarter is situated in Macerata: one of the main and most ancient towns, as well as the heart of the cultural life of the area.
This is why our work is filled with history, tradition, landscapes and much more!
We try to spread the identity of our territory and of our people, their character and values, their strength and passion.
All of that fits inside each single bag!